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Admira Dentistry: Your Smile Makeover Experts

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring your smile to the very next level, the talented dental team here at Admira is ready to help. We offer a number of highly effective ways by which we can help you enjoy a gorgeous smile once more, and we’ll work with you to encourage the habits and behavior patterns that will see you enjoying your results for as long as possible. It’s incredibly common to notice that your smile has lost a bit of its luster, which is why our smile makeover procedure is highly customizable, including treatment modalities that will be tailored directly to your individual needs and concerns.

When you’re ready to learn more about how a smile makeover can help you enjoy the most healthy smile you’ve had in years, a member of our team is standing by and ready to help you get your consultation scheduled. Simply reach out to our Jacksonville location when you’re ready to start your journey to total oral health!

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What Does a Smile Makeover Involve?

Much like a lot of the important work we do here at Admira, no two smile makeover treatments are ever exactly the same. During your consultation with a member of our dental team and doctor, we’ll get to know the two most important aspects of any smile makeover: The history of your oral issues and the specific concerns that brought you to us. With these pieces of information in mind, we’ll be able to craft a treatment plan that will likely include some combination of the following treatments:

Choosing the Smile Makeover That’s Right for You

Here at Admira, it’s important to us that we offer a level of care that is unmatched as your smile represents our commitment to quality care. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to the creation of results that truly surpass our guests' expectations, so they can enjoy conservative and sustained oral wellness for as long as possible. With this philosophy in mind, we’ll work closely with you to pick out a procedural plan that is tailored directly to you and your specific needs.

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Exploring Your Available Options

Teeth Whitening

Over time, it’s fairly common to notice that your teeth have lost their shine and glow. The consumption of coffee, tea, and different types of alcohol can have an impact on the coloration of your teeth, which can be addressed with teeth whitening in Jacksonville.

Gap Correction

If you’re worried about gaps between your teeth creating an asymmetrical or “lopsided” smile, we can help. Orthodontics, bridges, and crowns are all effective methods by which we can correct your smile.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can often be something of a “silent” issue, as it doesn’t always seem quite so severe until it’s too late. We can help you with preventative dental care, so you can enjoy healthy gums and all the benefits that come with them.

Missing Teeth

When missing teeth are impacting the quality of your smile, implants and bridges can help. At Admira dentistry, we can seamlessly match the color of your new teeth to the rest of your mouth, for a gorgeous and uniform appearance.


A thin porcelain or composite restoration that corrects the irregularities that can be present in teeth due to parafunctional habits such as teeth grinding, chipping, tetracycline stains, and so forth.

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Your Smile Makeover Timeline

When we work with you to develop your personalized smile makeover treatment plan, we'll be sure to give you an idea as to what kind of timeline you can anticipate. Every smile makeover in Jacksonville is customized to the needs of the guest. For example, the implant process can take between three and five months to complete, while other treatments can be completed in a single day. Not only will our team work to keep you informed at every step of the way, but we'll also set up periodic follow-up visits to ensure that your results are exactly as you envisioned them.

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Discover Health, Beauty, and Balance at Admira

If you’re worried about the quality of your smile and the impact it has on your ability to make a great first impression, the Admira team is here to put your mind at ease. We’ll work with you to craft a smile makeover plan that boosts your oral health from the ground up, and encourages an overall sense of conservative wellness in the process. At Admira, we take pride in forming supportive, trusting relationships with our guests, guiding them to a balance between beauty, health, and wellness.

When you’re ready to learn more about a smile makeover in Jacksonville, a member of our team is standing by and ready to help. Simply reach out to our Jacksonville location and set up your consultation today!

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