What are multiple dental implants?

If you’ve lost several teeth in a row, Dr. Sixto can create a set of multiple dental implants to replace the tooth roots before attaching customized crowns that are perfectly matched to your unique smile. Another option is to place a dental bridge atop two implants. Dr. Sixto will recommend the best option for you after completing a detailed consultation and evaluation.

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What are the benefits of multiple implants?

  • Implants provide the chewing power needed to preserve bone density in the jaw
  • Implants can help keep adjacent teeth from shifting
  • No adhesives are required
  • Improved chewing power means better absorption of nutrients and preservation of taste
  • No adjacent teeth need to be ground down during the implant placement process
  • Implants can support many types of restorations while appearing and functioning like natural teeth

Implants vs. conventional bridges

Dr. Sixto typically recommends multiple dental implants over bridges for several key reasons. With implants, there is no need to grind down the adjacent teeth to fit the bridge, a practice that can lead to tooth fractures, decay, or infection down the line. Additionally, bridges do not supply the anchoring and chewing force necessary to support a stable, long-lasting outcome. Implant-supported bridges are favored over conventional bridges because they help maintain the jaw’s bone volume by providing ample chewing pressure. 

Implants vs. dentures

Prior to implants, guests only had one option for replacing missing teeth: dentures applied with adhesives. Today, multiple dental implants can support dentures and prevent further bone loss. Conventional dentures simply do not provide the chewing force needed to preserve the jaw’s contours, bone, and musculature over time.

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Who makes an ideal candidate for dental implants?

Today’s dental implants are appropriate for almost any guest struggling with missing teeth, as they can help restore the smile while preserving bone strength in the jaw. Implants look and function just like regular teeth, allowing you to feel secure in your smile long-term. Dr. Sixto will provide an in-depth consultation, diagnostic evaluation, and oral exam in order to best determine your candidacy. 

In general, good candidates have the following characteristics:

  • They have healthy gums
  • They have adequate bone density
  • They practice good oral hygiene
  • They are non-smokers, or are willing to quit
  • They are willing to be patient with the implant process
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Why choose Admira Dentistry?

At Admira Dentistry, guests enjoy the benefit of over 30 years of expertise in the field of oral technology and wellness. Our team delivers results that combine your systematic health goals with stunning cosmetic outcomes, achieving an essential balance between beauty and overall well-being. 

Dr. Sixto has a rigorous training background and combines intrepid skill with a dedication to guest satisfaction and safety. He was named a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology and is certified by the University of Florida and Implant Educators, making him an ideal provider to perform your multiple dental implants procedure. Dr. Sixto is passionate about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to groundbreaking new developments in oral science. He consistently attends industry conferences, seminars, and networking events to ensure his guests receive access to the cutting-edge technology and equipment of the future.

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