A Serious, Yet Preventable Issue

Per·i·o·don·tal (adj) – relating to or affecting the tissues (gums) that surround the neck and root of a tooth.

Although gum disease is terribly pervasive, it is also quite preventable. Conservative estimates report that up to 80% of all people suffer from some level of chronic gum disease. What’s worse is that this disease is responsible for up to 70% of adult tooth loss. Unfortunately, the early signs of gum disease are both silent and serious, requiring the trained eye of a dentist to detect, treat, and arrest gum inflammation and infection. However, once addressed, you can prevent gum disease from recurring simply by developing healthy hygiene habits.

To learn more about how we can help you reclaim your oral health and enjoy the systemic wellness that comes along with it, simply reach out to us at our Jacksonville office. A member of our team is standing by and ready to help you set up your consultation.

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Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease is fairly common, and it’s not typically too difficult to spot the warning signs and symptoms that come along with it. Still, some of these indicators can be related to other issues as well, so it’s always best to come in for a consultation. This enables us to obtain total certainty about your oral condition, so we can create a treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs. Some of the more common signs that indicate you may be dealing with gum disease include:

  • Loose teeth
  • Change in your bite
  • Redness
  • Tender gums
  • Swelling
  • Chronic bleeding
  • Receding gums

Bacteria, Poor Choices, & Uncooperative Genes

Plaque and Gum Disease

Several factors contribute to periodontal disease, including plaque build-up, lifestyle choices, and heredity. The most common and controllable factor is bacterial plaque – the sticky, colorless film produced by normal oral bacteria. An easy way to prevent the significant buildup of plaque is by simply remembering to brush and floss thoroughly on a regular basis. Once the plaque has built up, however, a dentist must remove it.

Bacterial Growth

Unhindered, this plaque will release toxins that break down the natural fibers holding your gums to your teeth, allowing even more bacteria and toxins to invade. Over time, this process can permanently damage or destroy the affected tooth, tooth root, and even the jawbone! Further, plaque deposits quickly harden into calculus or tartar – a rough, porous, and irritating substance that brushing does not remove.

Lifestyle Choices

Poor lifestyle choices can also affect the body’s ability to fight infection and irritation in the gum tissue area. Poor nutrition, stress, leukemia, and diabetes all reduce the body’s natural ability to ward off periodontal disease. Smoking and chewing tobacco also greatly irritate the gum tissue, inviting disease. The best way to enjoy healthy gums is to ensure that you practice healthy habits.

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Bringing You Advanced Oral Care

If periodontal disease has been impacting your quality of life, the talented team here at Admira Dentistry is here to help. Our life-changing approach to dentistry has enabled many of our guests to finally enjoy a sense of freedom from the pain and discomfort that dental issues can cause, in addition to all the self-confidence that comes along with the ability to show off a gorgeous, gleaming smile.

When you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you build a bridge between your oral health and your overall sense of well-being, a member of our team is here to help. Reach out to us for periodontal treatment in Jacksonville.

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