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Needing a root canal is never a pleasant experience—but it’s also not exactly easy to tell on your own if root canal treatment is actually required or not. If you’re experiencing problems when you’re eating or chewing, and have found that one or more of your teeth are sensitive to the touch on a consistent basis, you might be in need of a root canal treatment. This procedure is designed to clear out any infection that may have developed within the root of your tooth, so you can enjoy restored functionality and relief from any pain and discomfort you might have been experiencing.

If you’re interested in learning more about what root canal therapy in Jacksonville can do for you, simply reach out to the Admira Dentistry team. We’ll be excited to see you at our Jacksonville location and begin putting together a treatment plan that finds you relief.

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When to Consider Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is required when the pulp of a given tooth becomes infected or overly inflamed. The unfortunate thing about a root canal treatment is that it’s not always easy to know for sure when you need one, without undergoing an exam. In many root canal cases, there will be visible damage or breakage on the outside of the tooth, as this is what allows for the bacteria to enter the pulp and infect it.

We recommend coming in for an exam to determine whether or not you need root canal therapy if you have been experiencing:

  • Persistent pain or soreness
  • Sensitivity when biting or chewing
  • Chronic sores on the gums
  • Visible lesions
  • Discoloration of the teeth

How Root Canal Therapy Works for You

Healing the Pulp

The goal of root canal therapy is to heal the pulp of your tooth once it has become infected. The pulp refers to the connective tissue that lives in the middle of your tooth, connecting to the nerve. When it becomes infected, it can be quite painful.

Advanced Imaging

We’ll use technologically advanced imaging techniques to obtain a very clear picture of your mouth and jaw. This will enable us to visualize the root canals and nerve endings that we’re going to be interacting with, for absolute precision.

The Procedure

During a root canal procedure, your dentist will remove the infected pulp of your tooth, cleaning its interior very thoroughly. Medication will be added, and the tooth will be restored with a crown or a filling, so you can once again enjoy a proper bite.

A Gentle Experience

Thanks to our commitment to anxiety-free dentistry, you can rest assured that you’ll be kept as comfortable as possible during your root canal therapy. We’ll use a combination of sedation and local anesthesia to ensure that your treatment is tolerable.

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Discover the Admira Difference

At Admira, Dr. Julio Sixto and the team focus on a conservative approach that creates a systemic sense of well-being in each of our guests. We create our results in a welcoming environment and make every effort to eliminate dental anxiety and keep our guests comfortable. If you think you might be needing a root canal treatment, or are interested in exploring the other services offered by our talented team, a member of our staff is standing by and ready to help you set up your consultation appointment.

We're committed to the highest possible level of care and have been creating impressive results in the Jacksonville area for more than 30 years. To learn more about how we can help you with root canal therapy in Jacksonville, reach out to us and set up your consultation to begin your journey to oral well-being today.

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