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If you deal with TMJ, you know how tough it can be to stick to your dental routine. Did you know that over half of people with TMJ pain have to make changes to their professional dental care? It's not easy, but we want to help you manage your oral care at home. Check out these tips we put together!

Tips for TMJ Tooth Brushers

Consider using a small toothbrush.

If you experience jaw pain, switching to a toothbrush with a smaller head may provide relief. Opt for a toothbrush with soft bristles, as medium or hard bristles can harm your teeth. Another great option is investing in an electric toothbrush. While electric toothbrushes do not necessarily clean teeth more effectively, they can be helpful for individuals with limited jaw mobility when it comes to reaching difficult areas.

Take a break

Try taking breaks if brushing your teeth is difficult for your mouth and jaw muscles. Focus on brushing only a few teeth for a few seconds before removing the brush and relaxing your jaw. Remember to breathe slowly and keep your jaw relaxed while brushing.

Try a flossing alternative

Maintaining good hygiene involves flossing regularly. However, flossing can become challenging if you experience discomfort or difficulty opening your mouth due to TMJ. In such cases, you can use alternatives like rubber stimulators and floss holders to make flossing easier, especially for your back teeth. You can always consult your dentist for their recommendations on flossing alternatives as well.

Rinse Gently

Using mouthwash can eliminate any leftover bacteria in your mouth that brushing may have missed and can also assist in preventing gum disease and plaque buildup. Remember that mouthwash is great but is not a replacement for brushing and flossing. You should use it alongside those two things! If you need to decide which kind of mouthwash to use, ask your dentist next time you see them. They'll be able to help you figure out what's best for you.

Choose Admira Dentistry for Your TMJ management and Oral Care Needs.

Keeping your teeth healthy is important, and seeing your dentist regularly is a great way to do that. Here at Admira Dentistry, we're all about giving you personalized advice and tips to make it easier to take care of your pearly whites. Even if you're brushing and flossing like a champ at home, coming in for checkups and cleanings is still important. And if you're worried about any discomfort related to TMJ during or after your appointment, don't sweat it - Dr. Sixto and our staff have your back and can help you minimize any discomfort during your cleaning.

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